Event App Breakthrough at Captivate


Two weeks ago, 2Kind Productions released a full scale event management application at Captivate in Austin, TX.  For those who aren’t aware, Captivate is a three day gaming and digital development conference hosting seminars, keynote speakers as well as competitions for game development, a student multi-media competion and an independent music competition.  We will post the winners of the competitions in our next blog, so stay tuned…

The 2Kind Productions Event app allowed users to view which presentations, meetings, and contests were going on that weekend and create their own, personal schedule.  Also, users had the ability to view biographies of the speakers, see the exhibitors that were attending the event, and locate everything with a conference map built into the application.



The feedback we received from attendees and employees exceeded our expectations!  Through our content management system, we were able to make updates  right from our booth, eliminating any confusion on the time and location of last minute session changes. Because many users were new to this kind of app technology, they were surprised at how much time our app saved them.  Jennifer Bullard, the Executive Director of Captivate, said, “Having an app with the ability to do real time updates is essential when you have over 1,000 attendees and over 150 speakers.” Captivate Expo Coordinator, Mathew Cramer said, “I love the app! It was crisp, clean and to the point….I wish we had it at other conferences!” and Eric Stewart from Random Access Web TV said, “It’s a lot better than any fold out booklet that might get lost or thrown away because the app is on my phone and I could look at it anytime!”

IMG_2401 IMG_1109 IMG_2436 IMG_2404


Yes we were there for a particular purpose, to get exposure for our company and promote the new app, but the team was also able to experience the great events at the conference.  Our team, which included Ruchi, Chad, Shelby, Steven, Clint and Preet, were able to attend meetings that gave insight into the future of app development and also a behind the scenes look into the gaming industry.  Perhaps one of the best benefits from attending the conference were the contacts we made throughout the weekend.  That Sunday, we were invited to attend the VIP party in downtown Austin, which was a blast.  The nightlife there is something else!

Image IMG_2377


We are now into full swing, which means we have some really cool things in the works.  Be on the lookout for a recap video coming soon.  We are also building an app for the Albemarle Foundation, a private nonprofit in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  The app will feature photos, videos, and a description of each of its initiatives.  We also have an opportunity to produce a music video for Chasca, a glam rock band we met at Captivate…that should be fun. 🙂  Stay tuned to our social media sites and website for the latest 2Kind Productions news, info, and giveaways!


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