Captivate Conference Wrap Up, Video, and New Projects!


The 2Kind Team spent the last week catching up on our projects
since returning from Captivate, and we finally finished unpacking the
last road case. We followed up with every contact we made at the event
and have some great opportunities on the horizon, including strong
possibilities for several new partnerships ranging from music videos to
M&E clients as well as new App development clients! We also started
cultivating some of the ideas that came from our daily brainstorming
sessions that wrapped up every day while on-site. These sessions were
great bonding time with our team and fostered some great ideas that
we plan on implementing immediately!
We wanted to announce the winners of the competitions too so
everyone could check them out! As stated in a previous blog, we met
some great people at the event, and had the opportunity to listen to
some great music, play some cool games and share ideas with people
on the verge of changing industries. So, without further blabbery, here
are the winners from the 2013 Captivate Conference:
Music Winner: Chasca!
With a sound that brings us back to days of long hair and
great beer, Chasca is Captivate’s Music Competition
winner. If you happened to miss them at Captivate’s
Sound Lounge, Chasca is playing several locations later
in October, make sure to see them live!
Game Winner: Zircuits!
As an excellent iOS game the judges gave Zircuits high
marks in all categories. Well polished, unique and
engaging the Captivate judges enjoyed rebuilding the
broken cat. Check out Bitsworth and see if you will like
Zircuits as much as our judges did.
Student Multimedia Winner: Disorder!
Make your way through an abstract world filled with
memories and confront madness within the bonds of
brotherhood. This compelling and unique take on the 2D
World-Switching platformer won first place at Cativate’s
Student Multimedia Competition.
Finally, we also wanted to release our video from the event (top). We did this
one using our GoPro Hero cams mixed in with the use of a Canon
Digital, and some hi-tech iPhones and Samsung Galaxies….
  • Director: Clint Jarrett
  • Producers: Chris Kindred and Clint Jarrett
  • Camera Ops: Clint Jarrett and Shelby Thomas
  • Editing: Clint Jarrett
  • Music: Courtesy of Clay Kindred
App updates – We started our App updates that will be published within
the next two weeks. Some updates are purely visual, while others will
change our platform into a more streamlined user experience, like
removing pop up windows in some areas and tweaking other little
nooks and crannies like enabling slide navigation and adding Notes
into the “My Schedule”. We are also offering functionality to our clients
who want to enable Surveys, live polling, blog feeds, hosting video and
podcasts, presentations, etc. We will of course notify everyone once
our updates are published so feel free to download the captivate app
to see the updates in a live version.
We are extremely pleased to announce that we are producing and App
The Airship
The Airship, a non-profit operation, is the creative
concept of Sid, the resident artist who rebuilt and old Airstream from the ground
up and turned it into a piece of art. Conceptually, it is a traveling
mobile art studio that will house the works of the founder as well as
have guest artist who can display work in as well as create while on
tour. It is expected to roll into music festivals, art galleries and
potentially will be a traveling guest installation at special events,
where Sid will give keynote lectures on Sustainable living. Its gonna be
a cool project!
Thanks for following us and as usual, please keep an eye out for any
updates we post, and feel free to visit our website and SM sites and
become our friends.